Satan Hates You Wraps!


Satan Hates You wraps!Great news, Satan fans! James Felix McKenney just dropped us a line with the news that his fourth feature, Satan Hates You, is officially in the can! The film’s been in various stages of production for a long time now, so I’m sure the crew at MonsterPants Movies and Glass Eye Pix are breathing a sigh of relief today!

The film stars Don Wood, Christine Spencer, Angus Scrimm, Reggie Bannister, Michael Berryman, Larry Fessenden and Debbie Rochon in a story about two troubled individuals (Wood and Spencer) who begin to realize they’re in the carpool lane to damnation! Inspired by the “Satanic panic” films of the 50’s–70’s, Satan Hates You has all the markings of the kind of unique film we just don’t get enough of these days.

“This film is significantly larger than anything we’ve done before,” McKenney said. ”With a huge cast and multiple locations around New York, Los Angeles and even Hell itself, I went into this shoot fearing I bit off more than I could chew. But our incredible cast and amazing crew made getting this ambitions project in the can a breeze … It was almost too easy.”

Satan Hates You is looking to see release in 2009, hopefully in a large capacity, but only time will tell. Be sure to visit the film’s official site for a better look at Satan Hates You, and keep it on Dread Central for more updates as they come in!

Johnny Butane

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