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After Dark Films' Horrorfest posterSo by now I’m sure you’re wondering, be it loudly on a message board or just inside your twisted little brain, why the package tickets for After Dark’s upcoming “8 Films to Die For” festival haven’t gone on sale yet. The festival’s official site stated they would be on sale on Halloween, if not earlier, but now it just says “soon.”

We talked to one of the PR reps who’s been dealing with this first-hand for weeks now and found out exactly what happened. The bad news is there will be no package sales for all 8 films that will be making their U.S. premiere during the festival due to issues with both online retailers and the theater chains the movies will be showing in. “What After Dark was attempting was a new way of purchasing that they’ve never done before,” our source told us, “and there wasn’t enough time for them to write and test new code to accommodate us.”

“Everyone is deeply disappointed, but the energy is completely focused on getting those sites to get ticketing info on by this Friday and through the weekend,” he continued. “Our goal is to do our best because the films are good and they deserve to be seen with the best possible exposure that we can give.”

Obviously such a major setback might disappoint a lot of fans, but the fact is that all the movies will still be shown, the only difference being that now you’re going to have to get your tickets one at a time. No one is really to blame for any of this; After Dark had simply hoped it would be an easier and quicker process to make such a way of buying tickets possible, but since this is the first time anyone’s tried such an ambitious idea, you have to expect some bumps in the road.

The good news, so we don’t have to end this on any sort of downer, is that anyone who can show proof of having seen all 8 films throughout the weekend of November 17-19th will be treated to a 9th film on Sunday night: Snoop Dogg’s Hood of Horror! “The audience will also be receiving collector’s edition T-shirts of artwork from “8 Films” which is done by Cash McCreery, the character and creature designer for Pirates of the Caribbean, Jurassic Park III, etc…” our source revealed.

And this year is only the beginning. If the festival is a success, many ideas are being brainstormed to get the fans even more excited for it next year, including a possible “Project Greenlight”-esque screenplay competition.

“Our encouragement is SEE ONE OR SEE THEM ALL,” he concluded. “Go see the films and let After Dark know at HorrorFestOnline.com how to make next year and all the years after greater and greater!”

And, just so we can be that much more helpful to you, we’ve got some general showtimes for the festival. Be sure to check with your local theater for final times and number of screenings!

Friday 11/17

2:00 – Reincarnation
4:00 – Unrest
6:00 – Dark Ride
8:00 – Reincarnation
10:00 – Unrest
12:00 – Dark Ride

Saturday 11/18

2:00 – The Grave Dancers
4:00 – The Abandoned
6:00 – Penny Dreadful
8:00 – The Grave Dancers
10:00 – The Abandoned
12:00 – Penny Dreadful

Sunday 11/19

2:00 – Wicked Little Things
4:00 – The Hamiltons
6:00 – Wicked Little Things
8:00 – The Hamiltons
10:00 – Snoop Dogg’s Hood of Horrors

Monday 11/20

2:00 – Unrest
4:00 – The Grave Dancers
6:00 – Unrest
8:00 – The Grave Dancers
10:00 – Unrest

Tuesday 11/21

2:00 – Reincarnation
4:00 – Dark Ride
6:00 – Reincarnation
8:00 – Dark Ride
10:00 – Reincarnation

Johnny Butane

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