Goatsucker Lovers Unite!


This past summer I did a story about a new flick entitled Mexican Werewolf in Texas, a creature feature that’s actually about the chupacabra despite the film’s obtuse title. The low budget monster mash has the mysterious cryptid known as the chupacabra starting a wave of terror in a small Texas border town that raises racial tensions amongst the locals. But mostly it’s about the four high school student that set out to capture the famed south-of-the-border beast of cryptozoological fame. Of course, that’s easier said than done.

Personally, I’m all for any new chupacabra movies because whether you believe in the monster or not, it’s an interesting little monstrosity. And despite being primo fodder for monster moviemakers, there’s really haven’t been that many movies about it and the ones that have been made have been almost universally terrible.

Will Mexican Werewolf in Texas be the quintessential chupacabra flick we’ve all be waiting for? We’ll find out on January 9th when Maverick Entertainment’s CreepFX label releases the film to DVD. No other details at this time other than a retail selling price of $16.98.

For those interested in a taste of the goatsucking to come, you can check out the film’s trailer at its official site!

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