One… Last… Update


Fox Atomic's Carnival of Lost Souls invite (click to see it full size!)Over on Fox, that is. We missed the final explosion (literally it seems) of good stuff on their site, but the beauty of the Internet is that such things will last forever. Until someone decides to take them away.

But FA wouldn’t do such things to you, oh no. A behind-the-scenes look at the “surgery scene” from Turistas, which hits theaters December 1st, is the last thing that showed up on the site.

That, on top of the massive amount of updates they threw at fans yesterday, should go a very long way toward showing just how serious about our genre Fox Atomic is. Stills, behind-the-scenes clips, graphic novels, web-based programming; if it’s horror and Fox Atomic’s name is on it, from here on out I’m going to feel pretty damn good about it.

Check out the latest updates on FA’s official site, and be sure to dig through all the great stuff that went up yesterday if you weren’t following along with us at home!

Johnny Butane

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Hope their originals are as good as their sequels in our forums!



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