She’s Late … 28 Weeks Late


Fox Atomic's Carnival of Lost Souls invite (click to see it full size!)It’s been 28 weeks since the outbreak that devastated the world in 28 Days Later. Jolly old England is a deserted mess, and we dutiful Americans are headed there to do some cleanup. Things are looking good and the isle is on its way to recovery when some schmuck with the rage virus decides to enter the new populace. Fuck…

Fox Atomic opens up the cage to rage with a set photo that isn’t exactly violent, but it does give a glance at the hopelessness that the first film captured so well. Let your eyes trail right over here to take a tiny peek at the mess that was left. Will it still be safe to walk the streets during the day?

Can Robert Carlyle, Emily Beecham, and Idris Elba survive a new rash of pissed off, zombie-like humans? On May 11th of next year we’ll find out.

Kryten Syxx

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