Weekend Box Office: Dracula Untold But Certainly Not Unseen

Weekend Box Office Report

boxoffice - Weekend Box Office: Dracula Untold But Certainly Not UnseenDrac’s back! The untold story of Dracula’s heroic rise from impaling death merchant to simple family man to vampiric Fox News crusader against Muslim tyranny proved that there’s still some life left in that undead heart after all.

Gone Girl continued to suck the life’s blood out of the box office, but one movie would not be defanged. I’m talking, of course, about Dracula Untold, or as it is also known as…

Lord of the Fangs: Return of the Count

Game of Coffins

Vlad Dracula & the Half-Blood Prince of Darkness
The Sucker: The Vamp Is Rising

In the Name of the Count: A Castle Dracula Tale

Masters of the Underworld

Stake Through the Braveheart

Dungeons & Draculas

The Chronicles of Transylvania: The Vampire, the Wife & the Warlock

Conan the Impaler
Drac the Giant Staker

Batmaster 2: Through the Portal of Time

Highlander: The Suckening
Don’t Be a Menace to Transylvania While Sucking Your Blood in the Hood

DVM: Dracula vs. Muslims

Dead Sonja
Dracula and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Night

The Transylvanian Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Vampire
Batman Begins

According to Box Office Mojo… Hey! Where Box Office Mojo? Awww, crap! Wait! It’s back! Now it’s gone again! What’s going on? Make up your damn mind, already!

So, anyway, according to Deadline, Universal’s launching pad for what they hope will become an Avengers-style assembling of Universal Monsters opened to the tune of about $23.3 million (estimated) for the weekend. Given how strong the film’s box office has been internationally as well ($33.9 million in 42 offshore territories), don’t be surprised to see Luke Evans vamping it up again, possibly with some other familiar Universal monsters in tow. Let the games begin, indeed…

Meanwhile, Annabelle suffered the predictable steep second week drop of nearly 60%. That’s still about $16 million, making the 4th place The Conjuring spin-off the year’s most successful wide release horror film of the year with a total cume of around $62.1 million. Actually, that’s kind of depressing when you think about it.

Horror takes next week off but returns the week before Halloween with the horror-movie-with-training-wheels Ouija that’s hoping to scare the crap out of teenage girls who haven’t discovered an even greater world of genre films just yet.

dracula untold poster 2 - Weekend Box Office: Dracula Untold But Certainly Not Unseen

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