See the First Episode of Scott Ian’s Bloodworks


the nerdist Scott Ian's BloodworksAbout a month ago we mentioned that “Scott Ian’s Bloodworks,” which focuses on makeup and special effects artists, would be heading our way this fall on; and today the first episode was released.  You can check it out right here!

About “Scott Ian’s Bloodworks”
Nerdist Industries is thrilled to welcome back Anthrax slasher Scott Ian, premiering his new series, “Scott Ian’s Bloodworks,” today. “Scott Ian’s Bloodworks” takes you behind the scenes for a look at the most impressive makeup and effects artists in the business, the A-list celebrities they work with, and the blockbuster films that benefit from their craft.

The premiere episode takes us through the doors of VVD Effects, where Vincent Van Dyke and his team transform Scott into a demonic alter ego able to make all of the 1980’s era Scott’s dreams come true.

But viewers aren’t the only ones in for a wild ride this season. Ian says, “I am very excited to be doing ‘Bloodworks’ with Nerdist. Let me rephrase that… I am a little bit nervous, nauseous, filled with dread, and sometimes scared shitless about committing to this show and letting these FX lunatics have their way with me as this season is going to be crazier, bloodier, guttier, and more fucked-upier!”

Tune in every Tuesday on for new episodes of “Scott Ian’s Bloodworks”… maybe just skip the spaghetti lunch.

Scott Ian's Bloodworks



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