Kruger Pens New Keep


Ehren Kruger to pen adapatation of Jennifer Egan's The KeepI have to admit the name Jennifer Egan does ring some bells with me, but I had no idea she had taken the same title as a very famous F. Paul Wilson novel to use for her latest novel, The Keep. No worries, it’s not a new version of the same story, rather just an odd coincidence that I can’t help but wonder if it will stay intact when it comes to the big screen.

StillKing Films has acquired the movie rights to The Keep according to Variety and has handed it over to Ehren Kruger (The Ring, Skeleton Key) to adapt to script form. The Keep is about two cousins who reunite 20 years after a life-changing prank devastated both their lives with the sole purpose of renovating a medieval castle in Europe. Isolated, cut off from any kind of human interaction, the two slowly lose their grasp on reality and begin to reenact the horrible event that once almost destroyed them both.

Basically it sounds like it should be a big headfuck movie, but hopefully with a solid script it’ll translate well. Kruger’s always been hit-or-miss with me, especially with his adaptations, but it could work out well. You can get more info on the book, including a look at the first chapter of it, over on Egan’s site, and if you dig what your eyeballs behold, click here to get it through Evilshop!

Johnny Butane

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