Swearing About Postal


Boll disucsses PostalI’m still not sure whether or not Postal will be considered a horror movie when all is said and done, but the fact is it looks like it could be a helluva lot of fun so I’m going to drop this on ya and you can run with.

A link showed up in my inbox today to a piece of video over on a site called Pitch Page that is essentially a quick behind-the-scenes look at how shooting is going on Postal. I know what you’re asking yourself: What about Seed? What about Dungeon Siege? Not to fear; it seems both films are done, and Boll is already on his third in just over two years. Scary, ain’t it?

Anyway, the clip features Boll, dog in hand, talking about his new movie as well as former “Kids in the Hall” funnyman Dave Foley, former “Titus” brother Zack Ward (the star, as it were), and character actor Chris Coppola discussing working on a movie that’s about as un-PC as you can get and swearing up a storm. It’s actually pretty damn funny and made me want to see the movie that much more (Foley is a hero of mine), so click here to see if you enjoy it as well!

Johnny Butane

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