Sprechen Sie Deutsch?


It seems like just a few weeks ago Eli Roth started production on Hostel Part II in Prague, and already a trailer is set to hit the airwaves that will likely shock a lot of people. Unless you’ve read this article, of course.

What’s shocking about it? No, it’s not the gore or violence; it’s the language … though not how you might expect. For reasons that don’t honestly make a whole helluva lot of sense, Lionsgate has decided to debut the trailer for Hostel Part II in German only, according to Variety. Their reasoning for this odd move, as laid out by LGF co-president of marketing Tim Palen, are simple enough: “German is more guttural and harsh … I think a lot of people will be taken aback, but with the success of the first ‘Hostel,’ there will be no confusion as to whether the movie is in English.”

Yeah, we’ll see about that. The trailer debuts on MTV tonight and in theaters nationwide on Friday in front of Saw III, so you’ve got very little chance of missing it. And, of course, as soon as it’s ready for online consumption, you’re going to know about it! Also, be sure to click here for the sequel’s official site if you dig whistling. I know I do!

Johnny Butane

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