Maneating Monster Easter Bunny Peter Cottonhell Is Hopping Mad in the Trailer for Beaster Day


Here comes Peter Cottenhell hopping down the bunny trail leaving behind a bloody path of death and destruction. We’ve had Easter bunny slasher flicks in recent years, but an Easter-themed giant mutant, monster, zombie rabbit flick? Stop what you’re doing, and dig on this stop-motion monstrosity right now!

Once upon a time there was a movie called Night of the Lepus that tried to portray giant killer rabbits as something scary. Today it’s hailed as one of the greatest bad movies of all time. Now Beaster Day is set to bring a new monster rabbit to life. At least this time the movie is supposed to be a comedy.

Uncork’d Entertainment is looking to put the “fear” back in “feral” (that joke works better when spoken rather than spelled out) with Beaster Day. Hey, if nothing else, it wins the award for the week’s best poster art.

I’ll let the press release and trailer tell you everything else you need to know because, after all, what more needs to be said once you’ve established that your Easter-based horror comedy is about a giant flesh-eating rabbit named Peter Cottonhell?

From the Press Release
If you see THESE rabbit feet, your luck just ran out… This Easter Sunday the rabbit gets to feast!

Hide your eggs!! Deep in the woods there stalks a giant killer mutant Easter Bunny. Unsatisfied with nibbling on grass, he craves human flesh. Rock climbers, hitchhikers, and NUDISTS alike all end up in his jaws as he devours everyone in his way. One by one the townsfolk are consumed by the evil hare, but he still remains a mystery to most of the habitants.

Knowing that a flesh-eating giant rabbit might affect tourism a bit and the upcoming Easter Day corporate-sponsored parade, the corrupt mayor quietly covers up the deaths, hoping to rake in as much cash as he can for the Easter Day celebrations. The mayor tells the townsfolk that there is nothing to fear from the horrific decapitations and intestine removals. The deaths are all accidental demises due to hazardous farm tool equipment.

The only people left to save the town are a crazed dog catcher and a wannabe actress who dreams of being a poet, painter, or anything other than a dog catcher. Will they win? And how many more NAKED MODELS have to DYE?!?

Brett Piper designed the monster bunny rabbit in the film. It was written and directed by The Snygg Brothers (Zachary and Spencer). The film stars Peter Sullivan, Marisol Custodio, John Fedele, Jon Arthur, and Bill Joachim and features cameos by scream queens Darian Caine, AJ Khan, Kerri Taylor, Jackie Stevens, Autumn Bodell, and Violetta Storms.

Beaster Day



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