Cary Elwes Talks Returning to Saw; TV Series Possible?


Cary Elwes Hints at Possible TV SeriesThis weekend the seventh annual ScareFest Horror & Paranormal Convention is under way in Lexington, Kentucky, and Saw star Cary Elwes is among the guests. DC alum Jinx is on the scene as well and reported in with some news he gleaned from a discussion with the affable actor.

When we spoke with Elwes back in early 2011 as Saw 3D was hitting Blu-ray/DVD, he explained that his agreement with the filmmakers always was to re-appear in the final Saw movie, almost like a bookend to the series.

So when Jinx asked him if he’d be willing to play Doctor Gordon again if Saw returned in some form, as has been hinted at lately, his response was an enthusiastic ”Oh, absolutely,” but only if Saw took on another form.

”Like, say… a TV series,” he said, and then smiled.

It could mean anything of course, but Jinx said it did seem as though there was a distinct possibility this was likely to happen… or had at least been discussed.

With the original Saw heading back to theaters this Halloween, we’re sure the powers-that-be will be watching the box office results closely so stay tuned for updates as they come.

Cary Elwes as Dr. Gordon in Saw





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