Doctor Mordrid to Soon Be Casting His Spells Again on Blu-ray


Doctor Mordrid to Soon be Casting His Spells Again on Blu-rayThe 1992 Full Moon flick Doctor Mordrid starring Jeffrey Combs was originally intended to be a Doctor Strange movie. Unfortunately, the rights reverted back to Marvel before Charles Band could get the film made.

With an actual Doctor Strange movie in the works, it seems fitting Band would give his pseudo-take on the character the Blu-ray treatment.

Re-Animator’s Jeffrey Combs dons his finest Doctor Strange lounge-wear to play enigmatic interdimensional sorcerer/New York landlord Dr. Anton Mordrid, sworn to protect our world by guarding the gates of the fourth dimension from his mortal enemy, the diabolical warlock Kabul (Brian Thompson, “The X-Files”), while also finding the time to for a little romance with a pretty police research consultant tenant (Yvette Nipar, “Robocop: The Series”).

When Band lost the rights to make a Doctor Strange movie, C. Courtney Joyner’s script was rewritten to create an entirely new supernatural superhero with striking similarities to Marvel’s metaphysical superhero. Alas, his only outing would be this lone 1992 feature film.

In a world where Full Moon produced countless Puppet Master, Demonic Toys, Subspecies, and Trancers sequels, how is it we only got one Doctor Mordrid flick? Perhaps because it was one of the more ambitious Full Moon flicks of the time and stop-animating dueling dinosaur skeletons was too expensive to franchise.

Following in the footsteps of Dollman and Trancers, Full Moon has announced plans to remaster Doctor Mordrid in high definition and release it on Blu-ray in a loaded special edition. Extras will include a new commentary with Charles Band and Jeffrey Combs, the original VideoZone featurette from the VHS release, rare video of William Shatner interviewing Jeffrey Combs and Barbara Crampton (who is not in the movie), and uncut behind-the-scenes footage direct from the Full Moon vault.

The Doctor Mordrid Blu-ray will be available whenever the “master of the unknown” decides to re-open the gate to the fourth dimension. In other words, no date announced yet.

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Doctor Mordrid

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