#SDCC 2014: First Images of NECA’s Ellen Ripley Action Figures


NECA's Ellen Ripley Action FiguresBeing that she’s one of the most badass characters in film history, it only makes sense that the Alien universe’s Ellen Ripley has been honored with a handful of action figures over the years. But there’s always been a catch involved, which has resulted in them being a bit less than screen-accurate.

You see, Sigourney Weaver had never given permission for her likeness to be used, and so most of the Ripley toys out there don’t quite look like Ripley. But that all changes thanks to NECA, who have FINALLY acquired the license, and have not one but two incredible Ripley figures in the works.

At Comic-Con, the company is showing off both figures for the very first time, and we’ve got the images for you today, courtesy of Figures.com!

Both toys will be included in the fourth series of NECA’s ever-expanding Alien line, the first one depicting Ripley as she was in the first film, and the second featuring her in a space suit. Both also come with figures of the loveable cat Jonesy, for added awesomeness.

Who wants? Because I want!

NECA's Ellen Ripley Action Figures

NECA's Ellen Ripley Action Figures

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