Exclusive: Read the First Chapter of John L. Campbell’s Ship of the Dead


Back in July we told you about Berkley Trade’s impending release of John L. Campbell’s Ship of the Dead, which is heading our way in exactly two weeks, and now we’re back with the excerpt from the book that we promised. In fact, it’s the whole first chapter!

CLICK HERE to download a PDF of our excerpt from Ship of the Dead.

Ship of the Dead arrives in bookstores and online outlets October 7th. Drifters, the final installment, is expected in January 2015. Learn more about the author on JohnLCampbell.com.

About Ship of the Dead:
Zombies took over San Francisco in John L. Campbell’s Omega Days, the first novel in his terrifying trilogy. Following different groups of survivors through a plague-ravaged landscape, Omega Days introduced us to an all-out war of survival and redemption.

Now, in the stunning sequel, Ship of the Dead, after surviving a massive zombie attack, the survivors have come to realize that they are dangerously short of supplies, ammunition, and time. Only a half mile offshore, the U.S.S. Nimitz aircraft carrier has run aground, and with its high steel walls it promises safety, shelter, food, medical supplies, and enough firepower to hold off the coming horde. But what the group quickly realizes is that the ship is actually a vast maze teeming with the relentless dead.

In the weeks following the Omega Virus outbreak, survivors form desperate clusters, uniting to defend against hordes of the walking dead. But they can only hide for so long…

Father Xavier Church never wanted to be a leader. Nonetheless, he’s grown attached to his fellow survivors, and he won’t let anyone cause them harm—though he may be the one who inadvertently leads them to destruction…

Ex-con Bill Carnes may crave freedom, but he still prefers sticking with the group rather than fleeing to Mexico with his former cellmate TC. Maybe he’s changing. Or maybe the look in TC’s eyes is more dangerous than the undead…

EMT Rosa Escobedo gave up on hope after she watched the man she loved rise from the dead. But when a patient seems to start getting better, she can’t help but hope for a cure, even if it means risking her life…

As the numbers of the dead swell, the living are running out of safe havens—especially when the biggest threats lie within their own ranks.

John L. Campbell's Ship of the Dead Sets Sail in October



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