A New Creature Feature Filming in Atlanta!


creature feature s - A New Creature Feature Filming in Atlanta!Word has come our way that Spirit World Films has just started production on their next feature, entitled Creature Feature, in Atlanta, GA! Read on for the first details and even a nifty piece of promo art that will be close to the hearts of lots of fans.

This is the fifth independent feature film by Spirit World Productions and their fourth in the horror genre. Creature Feature is a horror anthology that is a throwback to classic comic book style horror films like Creepshow and old horror comics of the 1950s.

The film consists of four unique tales of terror that overlap and intersect in non-liner ways, much like Trick ‘r Treat and Pulp Fiction, with a fifth wrap-around story that connects them all together.

Chase Smith directs. Libby Blanton, Tenille Houston, Stacia Hitt, Lance Paul, Stephanie Davis, and Jason Vail star.

Creature Feature is comprised of five interwoven tales of terror that occur one foggy Halloween night in Georgia. A babysitter learns a new appreciation for fine art and a hard lesson about the consequences of being irresponsible… and naughty! A group of college kids stumble on the mother of all scarecrows. Two teenagers are forced to steal from the wrong cantankerous old hermit who has been known to occasionally howl at the moon. A murdered father comes back for vengeance against his gold-digging wife and traitorous children. All of this Halloween fun is made possible by a London gentleman known only as… “Jack.”

creature feature - A New Creature Feature Filming in Atlanta!

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