Exclusive: Lance Talks Pumpkinhead!


Lance Henriksen with Axelle!One of our intrepid reporters (well, she’s not ours exclusively, but someday…) named Axelle recently attended the Fantasy, Anime, Comics, Toys and Space (aka FACTS) convention in Ghent, Belgium, and got a chance to speak with genre stalwart and all around nice guy Lance Henriksen (pictured with said reporter… who are you more jealous of?), who dished some goods on his upcoming return to the role of Ed Harley for Pumpkinhead: Ashes to Ashes and Pumpkinhead: Blood Fued.

“These films take place 20 years after the events of the first film. It’s in the same town; some of those places don’t ever change, which [helped me find the character]. I’m playing a ghost, so it was fun.” he explained. “You don’t really play a ghost you know; there are a lot of things to play when you’re playing a ghost but it’s more about warning somebody. It’s a good ghost; he’s the morality warning of the film.”

I got the chance to speak with an important member of the crew on both films recently, and they told me that these movies should go a long way to help erase the memories of the first sequel, Blood Wings. Seems we, the fans, weren’t the only people who hated that movie, though; “The first sequel was the worst, it was terrible.” Henriksen continued. “I was in Milan for Hard Target and this guy at the hotel came running down and said, “I have a script for Pumpkinhead 2, I want you to do it!” so I read it and said, “no I can’t”. It was a terrible script so I said I’m sorry, as much as I’d like to do it I won’t. He went and did it anyway and it was awful. Nobody ever saw it. But these guys had much better ideas.”

The guys he refers to are Evil Aliens helmer Jake West (Ashes to Ashes) and House of the Dead 2 director Mike Hurst (Blood Fued), who shot both movies back-to-back in Romania last year. The Sci Fi Channel is will premiere Ashes to Ashes on October 28th at 9PM.

The only bit of distressing news Lance delivered regarding the sequels has to do with the effects, which were part of what made the first film such a well-loved classic; “Back in the days when we did Pumpkinhead there was no CG, none, so everything was real; but here there’s going to be a lot of CG.” We can only hope that they use the technology for good, not evil (relatively speaking) in the sequels. Stay tuned for more as we gather it!

Johnny Butane

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