Wong & Morgan Split?


Wong and Morgan split?I don’t care how many detractors it has – the new Black Christmas keeps looking better and better (we’re talking the director of the bitchin’ Willard remake here, people). The duo involved has done some great things in our genre over the years, and I can’t wait to see what more they bring with the new remake.

Which brings us to some incredibly sad news: Word has it that the production suffered a whirlwind of behind-the-scenes tension (not surprising, considering the Dimension Films label), which has led to the worst case scenario: Writer/directors Glen Morgan and James Wong have parted ways.

So why is this news so tragic? Morgan and Wong are the unsung visionaries responsible for creating “The X-Files” mythos during its glory years, responsible for, among others,the notorious cannibal episode “Home”. They wrote the brilliant second season of “Millennium”. Together they’ve produced some of the most intelligent and creative genre work of the past decade and while they’ve certainly had success off the small screen, we had yet to see a feature that truly showed off their talents. Sadly, if the rumors are true, it looks like we never will.

Andrew Kasch

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