Welborn, Justin (The Signal)


All right, welcome to the last of my interviews with the three main stars of The Signal (review), Mr. Justin Welborn!

In The Signal Justin plays Ben, a romantic type who just so happens to be having an affair with Anessa Ramsey’s character, Mya. They plan on meeting at a train station at midnight and getting the hell out of the town and lives they lead, but it all goes wrong when a mysterious signal is broadcast over every phone, TV, and radio that makes everywho hears/sees it go mad.

When you’re done with this interview, be sure to check out the two others I’ve done for the film: Anessa Ramsey and A.J. Bowen. The Signal is out February 22nd in a limited release from Magnolia; be sure to check out the theater listings and make a point to see it on the big screen!

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