Prey For Weller


PreyLast we saw of Peter Weller he was getting killed by Kiefer Sutherland on the season finale of “24”. Now the former Robocop-Buckaroo Banzai has bigger problems than Jack Bauer: a pack of hungry lions that want to eat his family.

Prey follows an American family who travel to Africa. During their visit to a game reserve, they get lost in a maze of dirt roads. While driving around to find their way, they encounter a pride of persistent and very hungry lions that begin to stalk them. The family desperately tries to outwit the lions, marking the beginning of their African nightmare.

Bridget Moynahan (currently starring on ABC’s “Six Degrees”) plays Weller’s trophy wife who has to keep both her and the kids from becoming trophies in some lion’s den while Weller joins up with a local to find and rescue his family before it’s too late.

Having checked out the trailer for Prey currently online at the film’s official website, I get a “Cujo meets Ghost & the Darkness” vibe from it, although there’s something about the family predicament that also brings to mind the T-Rex / kids in a jeep scene from the first Jurassic Park.

Prey is directed by South African filmmaker Darrell Roodt, who also co-wrote the film. That last part there is what really worries me because Roodt’s last movie, which he both wrote and direct, was the stupefyingly bad Dracula 3000, the Dracula on a spaceship flick with Casper Van Dien that rivals Uwe Boll’s House of the Dead in the “WTF?!?!” department.

Prey will be getting shopped around at next month’s American Film Market in California so I wouldn’t expect to see this one until sometime next year at the earliest, almost certainly going direct-to-DVD.

For more on the flick visit Prey‘s official website here!

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