Spare a Dime for a Xombie?


Help make the Xombie movie a reality!I’ve got to give credit to the creators of the wildly popular online show Xombie for two reasons: One, they’re sick of waiting for someone in Hollywood to get their idea and throw the kind of money at them that they need to make it into a feature-length film and want to do it themselves, and two, they’re willing to ask us, the fans, for help.

They want to make a Xombie feature film. The idea’s been out there for a long while now and has been shopped to pretty much everyone in Hollywood, and no one has bitten yet. No one “gets” it, as it were (not that that’s too surprising, considering Hollywood). The way they’ve figured it, if every fan who’s downloaded the show over the last 4 years were to donate $5, the movie would be paid for. Does that seem unrealistic? Who knows, it’s their math, but if you’re interested in helping out, you should click here to learn more.

To make things even more attractive, they’ve promised that the new episode will be online in a week’s time and that an illustrated novel is in the works along with a bunch of other stuff they’re not able to talk about yet. Wouldn’t it be great if the movie deal were the icing on the cake? You might be able to help make it happen for them!

Johnny Butane

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