Rockin’ and Shockin’ Next Weekend!


October 13-15, Rock and Shock hits Worcester, Massachusetts with the most unique horror convention experience of your life! In the daytime head over to the DCU Center to browse vendors, discover new creepy friends, and rub elbows with the stars of your nightmares. This year’s event includes horror heavyweights Michael Rooker (Henry, Slither), Jeffrey Combs (Re-Animator), Doug Bradley (Hellraiser), and Darren Lynn Bousman (Director of Saw II and III). Like The Devil’s Rejects? Come meet Captain Spaulding and the family alongside their favorite victims from Banjo and Sullivan! Rock and Shock has mutant psychos from The Hills Have Eyes, The Voorhees family, Romero zombies, and even the girl who faced Michael Myers … TWICE … and lived to tell the tale along with DC’s own Kyra Schon, Joe Knetter, and Uncle Creepy. For the full list of guests, click here, and keep checking up to the show date for some surprises!

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So now you are tired from hobnobbing with the horror elite and want to just sit on your butt and watch something you’ve never seen before. Rock and Shock delivers with a screening of Universal Studios’ Slither, promising that the first people in line to see this film will score some Slither gear including t-shirts, hats, and stress balls! Also on tap are sneak peeks at not yet released films Sin-Jin Smyth, Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon, and a new behind-the-scenes look at the making of Robert Kurtzman’s The Rage.

Still not enough to do at this show? Dread Central and to the rescue. Mighty DC will be set up at the show stocked with FREE posters, stickers, tattoos, toys, and mini posters as well as contests every hour, every day! Check in for a chance to win DVD’s from Anchor Bay, t-shirts from LEVEL 27, and more. Here are the highlights:

GENTLE GIANT: GG joins the show by introducing you to their BUST-UPS toy line including The Simpsons Tree House of Terror and Corpse Bride! You’ll also be able to win a chance to grab a DEATH JR action figure, so hit the link and get a peek before they hit the show.

SOTA TOYS: SOTA kicks a fat box of their action figures into the contests including Charmed, Street Fighter, and “Now Playing”! They’re also sending over the first samples of their new “Nightmares of Lovecraft” and “Now Playing” lines so bring your camera!

ART ASYLUM: Clive Barker’s Jump Tribe invades the show with Yaboo and a book about him for some lucky show visitors! Start your collection with one and then check out AA to see the rest of the tribe. AA is also kicking in some of its X-Men: Dark Tide Minimate and DVD sets. Hey … Wolverine kills people so it counts.

IMAGE COMICS: Image didn’t want the show to go by without a little taste of its two killer zombie comics Deadworld and The Walking Dead! Hit up our contests for signed comics and special edition hardcovers.

ATOMIC MONKEY: What do you like better … Monkeys or Zombies? How about both together???!! Atomic Monkey answers this question and does what science dare not! Eyeball our table for their newest creation Franken Monkey, and then enter the contests for a chance to grab an AM t-shirt.

SIDESHOW TOYS: Sideshow never wants to be left out of the fun, but this time around they thought they’d try something new. Straight from San Diego Comic Con comes Sideshow’s Golden Gift Card! One card gives you ONE SHOT at money off your next Sideshow purchase. Will it be 10 dollars…or 500? Don’t like to take a chance? No problem. Sideshow also thought it best to send over some of their 12″ action figures and a very special grand prize!!

DYNAMIC FORCES: Dynamic Forces teams up with Dread Central for the first time so that we can spread the word on their excellent comic series based on Army of Darkness!! Swing by the table, scoop up some promo cards, and enter the contests for a chance to win.

Nighttime at Rock and Shock sees everyone heading over to the nearby Palladium for some killer music! Bands this year include Norma Jean, Between the Buried and Me, Misery Signals, Soilwork, Threat Signal, The Red Chord, HotBlack and GWAR!! Click here for the full list.

Do I even have to say this is a show you can not miss? Nah. I think I’ve said it all. Get your ass to Rock and Shock next weekend!!


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