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Ghost Rider poster... ughWhen I think about Marvel Comics’ Ghost Rider, I often think heavy metal music, preferably something by Motorhead or Slayer. I’ve yet to get that sort of musical vibe from anything I’ve seen or heard about this big screen movie version: lackluster CGI, miscast Nic Cage, hokey dialogue, and the look and feel of a feature-length TV pilot from about a decade ago. In fact, the new poster and new trailer that Moviefone has just put online have me thinking writer-director Mark Steven Johnson should just go ahead and bring back Firehouse to provide songs for the film’s soundtrack.

I look at this new poster and have to ask, “Is Eva Mendes really a big enough star to justify her name above the title right alongside Nicolas Cage’s?” I vote no. The only dueling heads on this poster should be Nic Cage on one side and the flaming skull on the other. That they’re trying to sell the movie on the love story aspect spells doom in my book.

The new trailer doesn’t inspire me to think otherwise either. Considering the production budget is reportedly in excess of $120 million, I’m just going to come out and say that the technology simply isn’t quite there yet to bring a character like Ghost Rider to life in a live action movie without it looking positively cartoonish. I’d dare say the whole movie gives off a cartoonish vibe. Perhaps they should just have made it as an all CGI animated film.

And in a perfect world Wes Bentley would be playing Johnny Blaze and Nic Cage would be Mephistopheles; but instead Bentley is cast as the villainous Blackheart and looks like he got lost on his way to the set of The Covenant.

Well, maybe you can watch this new Ghost Rider trailer and not get the vibe this film is going to be anything more than an overblown grilled cheese sandwich of flick. Being a fan of the Ghost Rider character, I do hope for the best, but I’d be lying if said that the phrase “Spawn For Dummies” doesn’t keep echoing through my head.

The Foywonder

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