Lost Skeleton Returns … Again!


A Lost Skeleton of Cadavra sequel!The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra was one of those cult movies so tailored to a particular cross section of the cult movie audience that you either really dug it or found it to be a bore. Filmmaker Larry Blamaire’s loving homage/parody of 1950’s sci-fi monster movies about rigid scientists, obtuse aliens, a lovelorn monster, and a diabolical skeleton plotting to conquer the world is about to get sequalized in The Lost Skeleton Returns Again.

Blamaire contacted Fangoria the other day to inform them that he’s currently in preproduction of a sequel to the 2001 flick that looks to pick up where the last one left off. According to Blamaire, the plot will go a little something like this:

“Dr. Paul Armstrong, missing in the jungle for two years and now a bitter alcoholic because science let him down, is needed by the government to help find a powerful new rock, Jerranium 90. His loyal wife Betty knows he’ll probably come home when he’s ready, but doesn’t hesitate to join the expedition.

Also along is Peter Fleming, twin of the late Dr. Roger Fleming, trying to restore the family name, who finds among the stuff he inherited from his brother a skull that begins to take him over. Seems the only thing that will restore the Lost Skeleton’s body is the legendary ‘Dalp of Annacrabb,’ which just happens to be made of …Jerranium 90.

And so, led by Jungle Brad—twin brother of the late Ranger Brad, the expedition is soon underway, encountering characters old and new as they seek to obtain the powerful rock in the only place it can be found: the dreaded “Valley of the Monsters.” Hot on their trail are villains who want the same thing, and will stop at nothing until they get the same thing.”

Shooting is set to begin in and around the Los Angeles area something in January. Presumably the cast of the original will also be returns when The Lost Skeleton Returns Again. Expect more details shortly.

Meanwhile, Blamaire’s Trail of the Screaming Forehead, his Lost Skeleton follow-up poking fun at 1960’s sci-fi flicks with a plot about creeping alien foreheads, is still making the festival rounds. You can check out more about it at the official Screaming Forhead website.

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