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Jake West (left) with the unstoppable Lance HenriksenAs we get closer and closer to the Sci Fi Channel premiere of Pumpkinhead: Ashes to Ashes, the first real sequel to the original film directed by Evil Aliens helmer Jake West, we’re thankfully seeing more and more info about it showing up online.

The graphic you see below is from Sci Fi Channel’s page for the film, which just went up over the weekend, though unfortunately there’s not a lot of other info about the sequel over there. As is to be expected. However, a new interview with West has appeared over at EOFTV that’s full of a lot of great info, like what the director attempted to do with the new movie. “The first one is brilliant, especially the mythology setup, and I wanted to make a true sequel to that,” West told the site. “It’s designed as a follow-on but 20 years later. It’s got the character Bunt in it and he’s all grown up now, and he’s involved with this dodgy town doctor played by Doug Bradley. He’s being haunted by the events of the first film so there’s a real continuity and it follows the mythology that was set up, how the raising of the demon works and stuff like that. I hope that I’ve got that right, and I hope the fans will respond to it, but I won’t know until it goes out.”

Finally, if you pick up the latest issue of Fangoria, #257, there’s a huge set report from the making of the film filled with tons of interviews and insights on the sequel as well as a rundown of the entire Pumpkinhead mythology. Very nice.

Pumpkinhead: Ashes to Ashes makes its Sci Fi Channel debut on October 28th at 9pm EST (though if you’re in L.A. you’ll see it earlier, details here). We’ll be sure to make a big deal out of it in our month-long TV listings, just in case you forget.


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