First Teaser for Tiffany Heath’s Spavine

spavine s - First Teaser for Tiffany Heath's Spavine

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spavine s - First Teaser for Tiffany Heath's SpavineOn tap right now is the first teaser for indie maven Mel House’s latest terror tale Spavine, which is still hitting the fest circuit and currently causing quite a buzz with distributors. Dig it!

Spavine was written and directed by Tiffany Heath and stars Denton Blane Everett (Psychic Experiment), Tiffany Heath (Mulberry Stains), and Jake Austin. House produces with Heath and Nick W. Nicholson. Phil Nichols/Facades FX handled the special makeup effects, including the mask you see on the poster below.

With this film the Spavine team set out to strike a balance between classic gore like Texas Chainsaw and Hitchcockian psychological suspense,” says Heath. “Spavine has an art-house film look but isn’t ‘snobby’ in that it really cares about the audience and gives them the proper dose of gore, terror, suspense, and overall real life madness. There is nothing supernatural in the movie. Every bit of this story could really happen to you… which is the kind of terror that keeps me up at night making sure the windows are locked and the baseball bat is on the nightstand. This was my first venture into the terror genre, and I’m hooked! I had too much fun researching serial killers like Ed Gein and real life stories of animalistic abuse.

Spavine was one of two films that I helped produce last summer (the other being Clinger), and they couldn’t be further apart on the tonal scale,” says House. “Clinger is a horrific romantic comedy/tragedy with dark moments; whereas, Spavine is dark to the core – blacker than black at times, claustrophobic, unsettling, and gets under your skin in a very real way. Tiffany mentioned Chainsaw… I think, much like that film, the grueling experience of making Spavine probably impressed itself on the footage we captured. It was a brutal couple of weeks in sweltering East Texas… but I think that the professionalism of our bare bones crew, Tiffany’s unwavering vision, Phil’s sickening (in a good way) FX work, and a truly dedicated cast in Denton, Tiffany and Jake combined to make something genuinely unique and nightmarish. I can’t wait to see it unfold on the big screen…

Plagued by nightmares and obsessive sleepwalking, Darcy Baker can’t purge her mind of the animalistic abuse she suffered as a child at the hands of her mother. When Darcy’s therapist, Ryan, is informed that her family homestead, the very source of her nightmares, has been abandoned, he is eager to get her back there and pull the suppressed memories to the surface in order to start her journey of healing. While Darcy has no interest in walking through the door to that hell, she does have a deep desire to win the love of Ryan and succumbs to his wishes to return to her childhood home.

Upon arriving at the decrepit house, she and Ryan discover that the fear mother ignites in Darcy still lives. Even more unsettling, they uncover the existence of ten-year-old Sam, a feral mute, who keeps his secrets dangerously close to his heart. Ryan admirably risks it all to heal both Sam and Darcy, but is their blood bond thicker than the healing waters he has to offer?

spavine 1 - First Teaser for Tiffany Heath's Spavine

spavine 2 - First Teaser for Tiffany Heath's Spavine

spavine 3 - First Teaser for Tiffany Heath's Spavine

spavine 4 - First Teaser for Tiffany Heath's Spavine

spavine 5 - First Teaser for Tiffany Heath's Spavine

spavine poster - First Teaser for Tiffany Heath's Spavine

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