It’s the Great Queen Pumpkin


Now that October has arrived it’s officially that time of year again and Halloween season officially kicks into full swing. But were you aware that Halloween has a curse? No, I’m not talking about that stupid curse that tried tying Michael Myers into Druid mythology. That curse sucked!

The curse of Halloween I speak of is Curse of Halloween, a new DTV horror flick coming to DVD later this month. It seems almost unheard of for a movie to not have any sort of web presence in this day and age, but I’ve scoured the internet looking for anything more substantial regarding Curse of Halloween with no success. All I’ve been able to find is proof of its impending DVD release and a very brief plot synopsis (and what a synopsis it is!):

“Several people are cursed to die on Halloween Night when they wake the Great Queen Pumpkin during a sacrifice. Now the must fight to survive when the Queen Pumpkin goes out Halloween Night on a killing spree. How many people must die on Halloween Night before the Pumpkin is stopped.”

Great Queen Pumpkin? Is that the wife of the Great Pumpkin from “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”? Will one of the victims in the movie be named Linus? Is this Great Queen Pumpkin an evil spirit? A witch? Some sort of Pumpkinhead-like monster? An actual killer pumpkin? Dagnabit! I demand answers! I wanna know! I wanna know now!

Unfortunately for me, it looks like I’m just going to have to wait until Curse of Halloween‘s October 24th DVD release like everyone else to find out the truth behind the Great Pumpkin Queen and its deadly curse. Now I feel like Linus in the pumpkin patch…

The Foywonder

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