Godzilla to Rampage onto PS3

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Godzilla to Rampage onto PS3When the dust and shrapnel settled on this year’s E3, next-gen console owners were looking forward to being rewarded for their investment in the future with an ogre’s fistful of titles coming to them. But owners of the previous generation’s consoles who haven’t switched over yet were left pantsless in a Yukon blizzard.

But we have a word of hope to the freezing as Bandai Namco offers a pair of pants and a steaming cup of cocoa in the form of a new Godzilla game.

Gojira, who will undoubtedly be called Godzilla, will be making an appearance exclusively on the PS3. The game is slated for release this winter in the monster’s familiar stomping ground of Japan, but no word as of yet on a North American release.

The major focus of the game will be style as a host of film filters and off-key camera angles are promised to recreate the highly stylized classic monster films with multiple incarnations of the beast found throughout its history. The goal is to showcase the evolution of Godzilla throughout history, from the 1950’s monster with 1950’s film grain all the way to the 2014 version making an appearance.

Gamers can expect the gameplay to be mission-focused with most of those missions being to lay absolute waste to much of a cityscape’s prime real estate.

A new Godzilla game will undoubtedly inspire a touch of nostalgia in the over thirty crowd, who no doubt spent much of their childhood destroying cities in the franchise’s very fun NES offering. Come out of the cold, PS3 owners; it’s warm in here!

Godzilla PS3

Godzilla PS3

Godzilla PS3

Godzilla PS3

Godzilla PS3

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