Boll Now Sequel Crazy?


Uwe Boll sequelizing himself already?Take as much salt with this rumor as you feel is healthy, but I think the sheer audacity of assuming anyone would want either of these movies is reason enough to make mention of it.

JoBlo got word from one of their scoopers that German hackmeister Dr. Uwe Boll has plans down the road for both Alone in the Dark 2 (*shudder*) and Bloodrayne II: Deliverance, the latter of which would start Kristanna Loken in the lead role once again in a tale set in the Wild West. Wow, another Bloodrayne film that doesn’t actually follow the game; what a surprise! Though the same scooper did go on to say that Boll’s considering a third movie that will, finally, be set in World War II.

The director is currently working on Seed, the first non-videogame adaptation that he’s done since before House of the Dead, then he moves on to Postal, which will be back to the same old thing again. How much money the man will have for any future movie is still up in the air since the German tax break he was getting has fallen through, but I’m sure he’ll find a way. Somehow he always does…

Johnny Butane

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