Film Rating Advisors to Make MPAA’s Job Easier and Help the Filmmaker?

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fra - Film Rating Advisors to Make MPAA's Job Easier and Help the Filmmaker?The Motion Picture Association of America, aka the MPAA, has long been at the center of controversy with the film community, and for good reason. Their ratings system is pretty much arbitrary at best.

Some directors get away with anything they want while the indie directors are usually crucified if they don’t know anyone with enough stroke.

Now a new company has launched to help make the MPAA’s job easier while helping filmmakers “get the rating they want without sacrificing their film’s integrity.” Essentially, they have created a buffer between the MPAA and filmmakers that did not exist prior. Because, you know, there’s a need for more people to judge your art and tell you what is or isn’t appropriate in their opinion before the other people get to judge it and tell you what is or isn’t appropriate in their opinion.

Will it help? Sounds like another hoop to us. I wonder what the FRA would have thought about Eva Green’s side-boob.

From the Press Release
Film Rating Advisors, Inc. (FRA), a breakthrough consulting company backed by former MPAA raters, launches this month to help filmmakers get the ratings they desire, without adding budget stress or losing artistic integrity.

FRA co-founders Howard Fridkin and Barry Freeman offer their combined 23 years of MPAA experience, which includes the rating of more than 15,000 films. By viewing a film prior to its MPAA screening, FRA is able to assess a motion picture’s potential ratings issues in detail, then work closely with the filmmaker to adjust the scenes to prevent substantial edits that might occur from an unexpected rating.

“Often, filmmakers are completely surprised by the MPAA and their opinion on what constitutes suitable material for a particular age group,” says Fridkin. “The need to reshoot can be cost prohibitive, while these suggested edits can detract from the director’s vision. However, Barry and I, having been longtime raters, are able to catch these ‘issues’ early on. We can prevent the need for heavy-handed editing as a result of what the filmmaker perceives as a mis-rated film.”

FRA also provides the film industry with a series of other invaluable services—including script rating analysis, on-location consulting, MPAA submissions and appeals. All of these services tie into the filmmakers’ various needs in navigating through the complex MPAA process.

The MPAA reaps the benefits from FRA’s services by not having to hash out all of the edits associated with multiple screenings of the same film. The result is fewer screenings, allowing the MPAA to work through more inventory.

“There is no limit to whom and how we can help,” says Freeman. “From the script concept stage to the editing room and rating acceptance, we see our clients’ objectives through to completion. Whether it is a major studio picture, a foreign film, a documentary, or a filmmaker’s first endeavor, Film Rating Advisors can step in at any point in the production process to ensure that both the filmmaker and the MPAA are satisfied. We fill a major industry void while continuing our passion for film.”

For more info check out the Film Rating Advisors website.

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