Set Visit: Actress Kirsten Prout Talks Joy Ride 3

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joyride3set30x - Set Visit: Actress Kirsten Prout Talks Joy Ride 3With writer/director Declan O’Brien’s Joy Ride 3: Road Kill releasing to DVD and Blu-ray this Tuesday, June 17th, here’s additional coverage stemming from our set visit last summer to the same in Winnipeg, Canada.

Written and directed by O’Brien, whose previous horror entries include the Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment features Wrong Turn 3, Wrong Turn 4 and Wrong Turn 5 (as well as Syfy’s Sharktopus), Joy Ride 3: Road Kill (review) originated with the 2001 Paul Walker-starring, J.J. Abrams-co-scripted film Joy Ride.

Produced by Kim Todd, this installment (which melds the worlds of tuner car racing and road-trip horror) stars Ken Kirzinger (Freddy vs. Jason) as the project’s villainous truck driver ‘Rusty Nail.’

Joining him are Kirsten Prout (The Twilight Saga: Eclipse) as tuner-car girl ‘Jewel McCaul,’ Jesse Hutch (Freddy vs. Jason) as racer ‘Jordan Wells,’ Benjamin Hollingsworth (of the television series “Cult”) as mechanic ‘Mickey Cole,’ Gianpaolo Venuta (of the series “Being Human”) as ‘Austin Moore,’ Jake Manly (“Hemlock Grove”) as ‘Bobby Crow,’ Leela Savasta (2006’s Black Christmas) as ‘Alisa Rosado,’ Dean Armstrong (Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings) as ‘Officer Williams,’ Sarah Mitch as ‘Candy,’ and J. Adam Brown as ‘Rob,’ among others.

Touching down in Winnipeg last summer, we joined the cast and crew for Days 13 and 14, which featured two evenings of practical effects-heavy night shoots outside the city. In addition to witnessing some rather gruesome gags involving vehicular-inspired mutilation (courtesy of FX artist Cameron Patterson and crew), we chatted with Canadian actress Prout, who stated of her attachment to Joy Ride 3 and her character of ‘Jewel,’ “I read the script and thought it was badass. My character is kind of the ‘cheerleader’ of the (Jordan Wells) racing team, and I think Gianpaolo (Venuta) and I provide a bit of the comedic relief in the film, which I don’t think was intentional, but sometimes you have a funny chemistry with (another actor).”

“It’s safe to say that I’m a horror fan,” continued the affable and striking Prout, who previously starred in the horror flick My Super Psycho Sweet 16: Part 3 and will appear in the upcoming genre features Stalker and Captured.

“In high school my friend and I would go and dig in the 99-cent bargain bins for the worst horror movies we could find. So I would say how my love for horror started out was through comedy, which is why every time I do a horror film I try and add a little bit of humor into it, because at the end of the day the best horror films have those terrifying moments combined with unintentionally weird, gross or awkward moments, and you just have to laugh. So my love of horror films kind of grew out of a place of camp.”

With director O’Brien nearby overseeing a FX gag involving a character’s grisly demise via radiator fan to the face, “What I love doing is running around, with blood all over the place, screaming and crying and out of control,” commented Prout. “How often do you get to do that in everyday life? So it’s nice to be on a show where we can just let loose. If I can just keep working in horror films, I’d be happy. They are incredibly fun.”

Look for our exclusive video interviews with actor Kirzinger and more from the set of Joy Ride 3: Road Kill here soon, and have a look at our exclusive photo gallery here.

We’d like to thank Fox’s Conor Sellers and Trailer Park’s Cara Mandel for their assistance.

joy ride 3 blu ray - Set Visit: Actress Kirsten Prout Talks Joy Ride 3

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