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10 Amazing Indie Horror Films You May Have Missed

Chastity Bites:
Chastity Bites had some buzz in the approach of release, but the chatter has already died down, and I fear that may turn potential viewers away. When the praise subsides, so does the desire to seek out a film. But Chastity Bites is certainly worth a look. It’s humorous, there’s quite a bit of quality commentary included and, really, who doesn’t love a nerdy yet empowered feminist determined to slay an ancient vampire queen? Another highly entertaining flick you may have allowed to slip through the cracks.

The Battery:
Amazing, amazing, amazing! Did I mention amazing? This is the epitome of maximizing the minimal and generating a compelling, human connection between film and audience. The Battery felt real. It felt dreadful and heartbreaking because it felt real. The characters are fantastic; their plight is at times heartbreaking, at times somewhat uplifting. Through it all there’s this strange sense that descends on the viewer that says, that could be me, and it’s a paralyzing thought. Talk about a magnetic movie? Talk about The Battery.

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Written by Matt Molgaard

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