10 Amazing Indie Horror Films You May Have Missed


It’s just about impossible to count the independent horror films released each year. There must be 500 micros to hit, a few more hundred flicks with feeble but adequate budgets, and then you’ve of course got your heavily promoted commercial releases.

Sadly, those commercial releases tend to disappoint the most, while the productions battling a budget often inadvertently stumble upon significant eminence.

However, not every lower budget film garners the shine it delivers. And trust this: There are a great number of “little flicks” that merit massive praise. In order to keep things reasonable for viewers, I’ve isolated 10 recent indie pictures that refused to let monetary issues prevent them from being as amazing as they possibly could. And, for my money, each of these productions certainly deserves the title of amazing. Get ready to embark on a mission to find some awesome material. You don’t want to miss these beauties.

indieslids - 10 Amazing Indie Horror Films You May Have Missed

Asylum Blackout:
If you’re in search of a film that weaves a bloody web of paranoia, outrage, insanity and claustrophobia, Asylum Blackout has all you need. It’s an uncannily dark piece of work fit to confuse the senses via an outright onslaught of aggression and tangible threats. It’s also extremely well acted, unbelievably atmospheric (I checked this one out as a dual feature with Session 9 in a rundown Sacramento theater about six months ago and found the combo to be deeply disturbing) and frightening. Not jump out of nowhere frightening, but stick to the walls of your consciousness frightening.

Absentia may be the finest example of taking a miniscule budget (a reported $70k) and stretching it beyond the point of snapping. But rest assured, nothing’s snapping in this film, other than the mental limits of a few key characters… and potential viewers. Absentia relies on the work of the imagination rather than obvious visuals (though there are a few creepy shots) and it works like a charm. It’s a disconcerting piece of film, and it was strong enough to catapult writer/director Mike Flanagan to much grander projects, like the recently released and frequently lauded Oculus.

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