Production Under Way on Sanctum Deep; First Teaser Art Arrives

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Production Under Way on Sanctum Deep; First Teaser Art ArrivesWord of a new sci-fi/horror project that kicked off recently landed in our inbox, and we have all the early details on Geraldine Winters’ Sanctum Deep right here along with the first teaser art.

From the Press Release:
DGW Films is currently in production in New York on the wildly suspenseful new sci-fi thriller Sanctum Deep, from the mind of Geraldine Winters (Clownstrophobia, Psychopath: Mania). The film is the first installment in a new series being written, produced, and directed by Winters.

Sanctum Deep takes you on a twisted journey focusing on a rogue scientist who has created a deadly strain of organisms that can potentially destroy mankind. Two people hold the key to unleashing it, and they must be found and stopped before it’s too late.

Mystery, murder, blood, torture, and extreme paranoia are just a few of the ingredients of this clever new terrifying and psychologically intriguing thrill ride that stars award-winning actor Keith Collins (Gravedigger, Stuck in the Middle, The Meat Puppet), Genoveva Rossi (In Fear Of, Night Games, Skid Row), Bradley Creanzo (The Bible Belt Slasher, Midnight Card Massacre), Bobby Max (Clowstrophobia, Psychopath: Mania), Newt Wallen (Midnight Show, Underbelly), “Medicated Pete” from the Howard Stern Whack Pack, and Joseph Mooski from the Stern Super Fan Network.

Sanctum Deep tells the story of a near future in which mankind has poisoned the earth with pollution and wars. The earth is frozen and has changed climate into a mini ice age. The government is run by ruthless thugs who oppress and keep people confined indoors in fear. An unstable scientist disgusted with mankind, Dr. Nimora lies dying, infected by his own creation, a DNA bio-weapon that is virulent and highly contagious. An even more deadly form of the mutated DNA exists hidden inside a few chosen individuals. The female carrier is the most important one to find, for she could be the mother of the unholy destruction of the human species. Dr. Nimora refuses to divulge how or where the virulent strain of mutant DNA will manifest and become a threat to human life. The hunt is on for the carriers, and the henchman of the President will stop at nothing to get answers!

Production Under Way on Sanctum Deep; First Teaser Art Arrives

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