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The Bosses of Umbrella Chronicles



Resident Evil!With its November 13th release less than two weeks away, IGN scored a trailer focusing on some of the larger and scarier enemies we’ll all be facing in Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles on Nintendo Wii.

No spoilers here for anyone that has already played Resident Evil Zero, Resident Evil and Resident Evil 3, so if you have its worth a look to see how some of the most iconic enemies from the series are shaping up in this distilled and updated version of the franchises history.

Starting with the not remotely boss enemies at all of zombies and leeches moving up to the leech zombies (which still make me shudder), soon you’ll be watching giant stomping monsters like the queen leech from Resident Evil Zero, a couple of tyrants and the well known Nemesis.

Resident Evil!As ever the game looks to boast some of the best graphics on the Nintendo Wii, wrapped around some in your face, pick up and play gameplay.

The game will support the Nintendo Wii zapper, and is playable in two player co-op.

The game covers some major story points in the history of the franchise, many we’re already familiar with, and others we’ve only heard about in passing, such as Rebecca and Richard’s arrival at the Spencer mansion and first confrontation with Yawn, and Albert Wesker’s flight from the mansion.

Long time fans will get to see new story points, and new players will get a complete story that doesn’t rely on previous knowledge.


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