Viva El Massacre!


El Masacrado!Lucha libre has become increasingly popular within the realm of pop culture in recent years. Most Mexican wrestlers are famous for wearing colorful masks, so it seems only natural that one of these masked luchadors would finally go all psycho movie slasher on us. Isn’t it time for the anti-Santo to be born? Jesse Baget, the writer-director of El Mascarado Massacre, certainly thinks so.

The cast and crew of a low budget film heading to Caba San Lucas get lost and find themselves in a Mexican ghost town known as “La Sangre De Dios”. The film’s director decides that the town has great ambience and would make a perfect setting for their film. Their doing so arouses the anger of the infamously insane luchador “El Mascarado” (translation: The Masked Man), who proceeds to stalk and maim them one-by-one, deathmatch style. The remaining few have to defeat the wrestlemaniac at his own game or else.

In a novel bit of casting, real-life veteran luchador Rey Mysterio, Sr. (the uncle of WWE’s Rey Mysterio, Jr.) stars as murderous masked mauler El Mascarado. Joining him will be the great character actor Irwin Keyes (House of 1000 Corpses, The Fallen Ones) as a hermit who delivers an ominous warning of impending doom that the potential victims naturally ignore. Those fools! Will they ever learn?

El Mascarado Massacre is slated to make its world premiere at The Hollywood Horror, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy Festival held at the Arclight in Los Angeles, October 20-22. Those of us that can’t make it there will just have to settle for the film’s trailer that’s currently posted on YouTube. You can view it by clicking here, and then you can wonder, like me, if perhaps this is the sort of campy horror flick that the WWE should have gone with when they set about to produce See No Evil.

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