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Shane McKenzie’s The Oak Goes Up for Pre-Order



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oak2s - Shane McKenzie's The Oak Goes Up for Pre-OrderShane McKenzie is one hell of a productive author. He’s released two books in 2014 so far and has a comic available through Zenescope. Today we’re pleased to announce that he’s readying a hardcover release of The Oak, a follow-up to 2012’s Infinity House. Find out how to pre-order this glorious deluxe edition here!

The Oak is seeing a limited edition release that will set you back $85. For this amount the folks at Sideshow Press have arranged a fantastic collector’s set easily worth that much.

From Sideshow Press:
In July of 2012, the release of INFINITY HOUSE by Gallows Press introduced horror readers to the sick and talented new author Shane McKenzie and the twisted world in which a mysterious old house and its cursed owner terrorize teens in a poverty-ridden and cursed neighborhood.

In THE OAK McKenzie seeks to shed more light on the sinister goings-on in this crime-riddled hood as he peels back the maggot-ridden curtain hiding its many terrifying secrets. Through a serious of interconnected stories featuring five of The Oak’s doomed citizens, McKenzie exposes the horrifying truth about Infinity House, its pedophilic owner, and its forsaken children.

And, yes…there are maggots…

This is the definitive way to experience INFINITY HOUSE, and fans of this book will be floored by the amount of material Shane has provided. With 40,000 words of new material, including four brand new tales that flesh out this terrifying world, those who loved the original novella will NOT be disappointed. And, of course, as a deluxe Sideshow Press hardcover, this collector’s item will have all of the design bells and whistles our loyal customers have come to expect.

The pre-order period for this title will last for one month. The number of books bound will be determined by this pre-order period.

The edition includes:
– The original novella INFINITY HOUSE
– Three brand new stories featuring characters Federico, Jordy, and the mysterious and deadly Chauncey Jones
– A brand new interconnected narrative featuring Darious that ties it all together

Plus bonus materials:
– The story “I Didn’t Mean to Hurt You”
– The original (and much different) ending for INFINITY HOUSE called “Fuck Room”
– The story that inspired it all, “Go to Your Room”

Features include:
– Signed and numbered
– 9” x 7” hand-bound hardcover
– 240 pages
– Hand-bound in Japanese fabric
– Handmade decorative endsheets
– Full color art inlaid on cover
– Fully illustrated throughout

You can preorder The Oak by heading over to Sideshow Press. If you’re on the fence and would like to check out the prequel novella, Infinity House, you can snag a free copy for your eReader right here.

oak1 - Shane McKenzie's The Oak Goes Up for Pre-Order

oak2 - Shane McKenzie's The Oak Goes Up for Pre-Order

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