Gears in Motion


Gears of WarAnother game conference, another look at Epic Games’ upcoming 360 title Gears of War. The sci-fi horror graphical masterpiece is looking better than ever, and you can watch lead designer Cliffy B giving the press at X06 a demonstration of some of the action.

Aside from the jaw-dropping visuals (arguably the best to date), Gears of War is looking like a solid action title with some great multiplayer options. If you think you’re going to have to fight the locust hordes by yourself, think again. The entire game can be played through in co-op mode on Xbox Live, and if you’re playing the single player, a friend can jump right in alongside you without you having to stop playing.

The game being from Epic, creators of the Unreal Tournament series, there are a few pretty nice looking team-based multiplayer modes for eight players as part of the package, too.

Gears of War is due mid-November for the Xbox 360, and you’ll find screenshots of the video, along with a link to the video itself (not the best quality as it is taken from the live stream of the Xbox 360 conference), over on, yes, you guessed it, Xboxyde.


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