Short Film El Gigante Promises a Bloody Good Time

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Short Film, El Gigante Promises A Bloody Good TimeWe would have to change our website’s name to “Kickstarter Central” if we covered every project that fell across our desks. But that doesn’t mean we won’t call out the ones that get our attention, as is the case with the macabre short film El Gigante.

Dread readers may recall a book I covered a few months back called Muerte Con Carne (review). El Gigante is a short film that adapts the first chapter of Shane McKenzie’s novel, introducing horror fans to El Gigante, a deranged luchador who preys on illegal immigrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico Border.

The funds raised from this Kickstarter (only $5000 CAD) will go towards the completion of the short film, which will then be used to generate interest in a feature-length adaptation of the entire novel. As a rabid fan of Muerte Con Carne I have already ponied up some funds in support of this, as I believe the horror genre is hungry for the arrival of El Gigante and his whole twisted family.

El Gigante comes from Canadian-based production company LuchaGore Productions and will be brought to life by founders Gigi Saul Guerrero, Luke Bramley, and Raynor Shima. So passionate about this film, they created an El Gigante Kickstarter campaign to ensure this sucker is done absolutely right.

Check out the video below, and give the Kickstarter page a look. Consider dropping a few dollars to get this thing made. For more info “like” LuchaGore on Facebook and follow LuchaGore on Twitter (@LuchaGoreFilm)..

El Gigante will depict the first chapter of the novel (Muerte Con Carne) and will also be the opening scene to the feature film we hope to create. The first chapter begins with a man walking across the desert, dreaming of a better life in America for him and his family. Once he is over the Border, exhausted and hardly able to stand, he is blinded by headlights. He is given food and water, and in his desperate state he accepts. The next thing he knows, he is lying facedown in El Gigante’s wrestling ring.

El Gigante

El Gigante

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