The Death of Ash


Army of Darkness #13: The Death of Ash!Everyone has enjoyed the wacky antics of Ashley J. Williams in Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead series for years now. The man seemed nigh indestructible for the most part. Even though he was up against the very forces of hell, we always knew he’d come out okay on the other side. I mean, Ash can’t actually die … Can he?

Dynamite Entertainment aims to answer that question with the upcoming 13th and final issue of their ongoing Army of Darkness comic. Is 13 an unlucky number for the boomstick-toting hero? Sounds like it!

“This isn’t a hoax, nor is it a dream or an imaginary tale – this is the death of our hero Ash! Finally he can get some well-deserved peace. Wrong!” Dynamite stated in a press release. The lucky 13th issue will feature alternate covers by Ton Ngyuen, Nick Bradshaw, Kevin Sharpe, and a surprise 4th artist and will be on sale this November.

Though this might be the end of the current series, it sure won’t be the end of Ash as Dynamite has another series planned to follow, which pits the square-jawed champion against another form of the undead. Stick around for details as we learn ‘em!

Johnny Butane

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