‘Slenderverse’ Exclusive: New Documentary Series Dives Into The Viral Horror Icon


Most chronically online millennials are aware of Slenderman, a figure who emerged online in 2009 and forever shaped the digital horror landscape. While many of us were vaguely aware of the figure, filmmaker Alex Hera is taking on the herculean task of chronicling the birth and life of Slenderman in her upcoming documentary series Slenderverse. The three-part series reveals a never-before-seen private community through interviews with 19 internet horror legends, extensive live-action reenactments, and exclusive archival content. 

Slenderverse tells the dramatic history of the independent artists behind the Slenderverse movement, documenting Slenderman’s rise as an independent horror icon, and fall to the status of a dangerous internet meme. In the series, alumni of the private ‘Slenderverse Creators’ community speak publicly for the first time about the aftermath of the 2014 Waukesha Slenderman Stabbing; a national news story centered around two children stabbing a classmate as an attempted sacrifice to Slenderman.

Watch the official trailer:

The film series uncovers shocking information and stories about the development of the Slenderman myth and the private creators’ community. Through incisive interviews with Slenderverse community members including Tim Sutton of “Marble Hornets”, Jeffery Koval and Evan Jennings of “EverymanHYBRID”, internet horror influencer Night Mind, as well as famed horror artist Trevor Henderson, Slenderverse tells a story of collaborative mythmaking and online horror.

“I had set out to capture the stories of the no-budget independent creators which had shaped my passion for filmmaking, but during the course of this production, my perception of Slenderman’s history, which I thought I knew, was turned completely upside down,” said Alex Hera, director of the film series. 

The three films will be independently released online with a weekly release schedule, beginning on June 14, 2024.



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