‘Pride of Frankenstein’: Igor and Frankenstein’s Monster Fall In Love In New Beach Creeper Video

pride of frankenstein

Just in time for Pride month, surf punk weirdos, Beach Creeper, known for  composing catchy cryptid anthems and melodic monster tunes, are ripping the sheet off their  latest creation—a music video for their song “Pride of Frankenstein.” 

Now available to watch on Beach Creeper’s YouTube channel, this re-animated romp presents a passion-charged courtship between mad scientist assistant Igor and the handsome hunk on the doctor’s slab—all set to Beach Creeper’s stomping surf sound.  

Check it out now!

As lead singer Melissa LaMartina shrieks, “He gave you a brain; you took my heart.” “Pride of Frankenstein” is a shockingly sweet ballad that will leave you wanting a warm body to slow dance with. 

For fright fans fiending for more Beach Creeper, their new full-length album, In Surf Of, which includes “Pride” and other jams like “Fang Ten,” “Beach Blanket Bigfoot,” and  “Chupacabraaah,” is out now to stream on Spotify. You can grab terrifying t-shirts, vile vinyl records, and other assorted creepiness over at BeachCreeper.BandCamp.com

Baltimore-based Beach Creeper are Chris LaMartina, Melissa LaMartina, Brian Goodman, and Paul Przyborski. “Pride of Frankenstein” stars Jake McClellan (HeBGB TV) and Eric Poch. The video was directed by the LaMartinas and sponsored by alternative clothing brand Wicked Clothes. 



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