Netflix Finally Adds the Infamous Stephen King Adaptation He Calls “One of the worst”

Stephen King
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Stephen King has never been one to hold back his thoughts. The author has been openly critical of the output of other creators on a number of occasions. But to his credit, King has been equally pointed regarding his own work.

The best-selling author has also been known to give his honest opinion on adaptations of his literary output. In an interview with American Film, King opened up regarding his thoughts on a divisive adaptation.

When the magazine asked King for his take on some of the cinematic renderings of his work, the author said:

Firestarter is one of the worst of the bunch, even though in terms of story it’s very close to the original. But it’s flavorless; it’s like cafeteria mashed potatoes. There are things that happen in terms of special effects in that movie that make no sense to me whatsoever. Why this kid’s hair blows every time she starts fires is totally beyond my understanding. I never got a satisfactory answer when I saw the rough cut. By that time, Dino [De Laurentis] was regularly asking me for input. Sometimes he’d take it.”

Check out the trailer for Stephen King’s Firestarter:

I will be the first to say that I actually enjoy Firestarter. I think the dynamic between the father and daughter at the core of the story makes up for a lot. If you’re curious for more of my thoughts, you can scope an editorial I penned right here.

The setup goes something like this: As youths, Andy McGee (David Keith) and his future wife, Vicky (Heather Locklear), participated in secret experiments, allowing themselves to be subjected to mysterious medical tests. Years later, the couple’s daughter, Charlie (Drew Barrymore), begins to exhibit the ability to set fires solely with her mind. This volatile talent makes the youngster extremely dangerous and soon she becomes a target for the enigmatic agency known as “The Shop.”

This wasn’t the only time Firestarter caught heat for a subpar adaptation. Dread Central’s managing editor, Josh Korngut, and staff writer Sharai Bohannon covered the 2022 Blumhouse reboot for an episode of the Dread Central Cinema Club. Let’s just say the duo weren’t blown away by the Zac Efron remake.

Check out their Stephen King episode here:

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