Maniacs Across the USA (and Russia)


With Tim Sullivan’s truly bizarre 2001 Maniacs finally out on DVD here in the States, I’m guessing you might have thought it’d be the last you’d hear of the film, eh? I got some sour news for you, buster; you’re wrong.

2001 Maniacs is set to open on 120 screens in Russia (bit of trivia; the largest amount of movie theaters per square mileage is in Russia), and GreeneStreet Films are going all-out to make sure the citizens there are aware of it with a brand-new site being one of many new promo pieces planned.

Back here in the States, Maniacs is getting ready to start a midnight screening tour around the country thanks to star Johnny Legend. The first showing will be at Landmark’s Uptown Theater in Minneapolis, and from there a slow crawl across the U.S. will follow. More info on the tour is available at the official 2001 Maniacs MySpace page.

Oh, and rumor has it a sequel is getting read to roll, too… Perhaps we’ll hear more about that soon as well.

Johnny Butane

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