‘Mothers’ Instinct’ Exclusive: Get Into The Minds of Jessica Chastain

Mothers' Instinct

Lakeshore Records is set to release Mothers’ Instinct—Original Motion Picture Soundtrack with an original score by composer Anne Nikitin (Little WingAmerican Animals), digitally on March 29. So ahead of that release, we’re excited to share an exclusive track from Nikitin’s rich neoclassical score, which incorporates strings, echoing piano, and horns to gorgeously ominous effect. The Studio Canal UK film stars Jessica Chastain and Anne Hathaway, which is out now in the UK.  

Read the full synopsis below:

Housewives Alice and Celine are best friends and neighbors who seem to have it all. However, when a tragic accident shatters the harmony of their lives, guilt, suspicion, and paranoia begin to unravel their sisterly bond.

Notes Nikitin about her work on the score:

“Director Benoit Delhomme and I clicked from the minute we first spoke about his vision for Mothers’ Instinct.  He wanted a thriller score that was present but not too heavy-handed, and with a nod to film noir. I chose to write for a chamber section made up of strings, woodwind, piano, harp and horn, and a leant on an unsettling 4-chord progression that becomes familiar when things are not OK.  The music follows the suspicious mind of Alice as she walks the tightrope between clarity and insanity.”

Listen to our exclusive track from the upcoming film, specifically one that follows Alice.

Track List

01. Neighbors

02. Happy Couples

03. Bird Feeder

04. Cradle The Child

05. Where is Max?

06. It Wasn’t Easy

07. One Month Later

08. Night Fears

09. Medicine Cabinet

10. Suspicious Alice

11. Have Another Child

12. He Took It

13. Magic Potion

14. Mother’s Tears

15. We Have Each Other

16. Mothers’ Instinct (End Credits)

Mother’s Instinct—Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is available now for pre-order.



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