‘HOMESTEAD’ Brings Werewolves to the Wild West [New Blood News]


Longtime Blood Babes know that I’m an insatiable glutton for Western horror. I’m all in, whether it’s cowpokes fighting zombies, dinosaurs, cannibals, vampires, ghosts, or… let’s say… WEREWOLVES! For one reason or another, wolfmen just fit the Western aesthetic so seamlessly. Maybe it’s the often spiritual nature of lycanthropes blending in with the mystical aura encompassing the Old West. Or perhaps in a land where bullets are currency, it lends well to having an adversary who can only be defeated by one made of silver. Whatever the logic, it’s undeniable that it all fits together like hard tack and black coffee.

Comic creator and frequent New Blood topic Dirk Manning agrees, given that he’s started a Kickstarter for his new graphic novel dealing with werewolf/cowboy conflicts—Homestead!

From the Kickstarter:

“It is 1868 in North Dakota and retired soldier Bill Simmons is starting a new life with his new family on land issued to him as part of the Homestead Act. Unbeknownst to him, the land he has been granted by the United States government overlaps with territories occupied by the Lakota Nation, including a proud warrior and a zealous medicine man willing to go to supernatural extremes in order to protect people, their loved ones, and their way of life.

What results is an equally horrific and heartbreaking battle as these two parties wage an isolated and intense war with each other as they both try to defend what they feel is theirs to protect by any means necessary… including embracing the “Spirit of the Wolf.”

Written by three-time Ringo Award finalist Dirk Manning (Tales of Mr. Rhee, Arn Anderson: My Life As The Enforcer Hope) and illustrated by series co-creator Les Garner (Apocalypse Girl, Butts In Seats: The Tony Schiavone Story), this 100-page “one-and-done” original graphic novel is rounded out by the team of colorist Colin Johnson (Night Walkers, The Winchester Mystery House), letterer/book designer Dave Lentz (Good Boy, Space Monkey Knights Go!), editor Drena Jo (Twiztid Haunted High-Ons, Broken Gargoyles) and Lakota creative consultant Rau Blackhawk with publisher Source Point Press.”

This is not a story of “good guys” versus “bad guys”. This is a story of family and survival as two opposing parties both try to defend their HOMESTEAD.

Support Homestead by checking out the Kickstarter right here!



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