Summer Game Fest Dates Announced for 2024

Earlier today, the much-anticipated Summer Game Fest dates for this year were announced. This annual extravaganza never fails to ignite the gaming community with its surprise game announcements, thrilling previews, and more. I mean, it is where Nicolas Cage took the stage to announce he would be a character in Dead By Daylight.

In 2023, the Summer Game Fest proved to be a significant platform for horror and horror-adjacent fans. With the slew of upcoming horror games for 2024 and beyond, I can only imagine we will get a good showing of them at this year’s festival.

With all the rumors that have been popping up of the Silent Hill 2 Remake coming out later this year, it seems a great place to announce it would be at this year’s Summer Game Fest, along with some more news about The Casting Of Frank Stone, the single player game set in the Dead By Daylight universe. Who knows? Maybe we could FINALLY get some solid news about Bokehn Studios Slitterhead, being helmed by Silent Hill creator Keiichiro Toyama.

While these seem like wild hopes and dreams, something to remember about last year’s festival was it showed off quite a few big-name horror games during its showcase, including:

Alan Wake 2

During this thrilling preview, we witnessed Saga Anderson bravely confront her first Taken, the enemy that makes up the majority of Alan Wake 2. The gameplay took us through the early stages of Saga’s investigation into a cult-like murder scene, building up to the long-awaited return of Alan Wake himself.

When the game was released in late 2023, fans and critics alike were blown away by the sheer amount of care and thought that went into crafting this fourth-wall-breaking narrative. Who knows, maybe this year, we will get to see the highly anticipated DLC?

Lies of P

Summer Game Fest was not short on souls-like games, including Lies of P. While it was mostly just an expanded trailer to showcase the moody world of this angsty story based on The Adventures of Pinnochio, there was incredible enthusiasm for the title, and thankfully, on release, it not only managed to meet but exceed those expectations by evolving the soul’s genre like never before.

Remnant 2

Another Souls-like, but with guns. Set in a moody post-apocalyptic world, Remnant 2 focuses not only on the co-op social networking of Dark Souls but also on randomized worlds with set goals. It made for an incredible gameplay experience that I keep diving back into. After some hands-on at the event itself, it was clear that the evolution of the Souls genre is critical to growth, and yet again, it manages to evolve and expand in ways that keep it unique in its own right.

John Carpenter’s Toxic Commando

While we were only given a brief glimpse at this co-op horror team-based shooter, it still looks like a blast to play with friends. This is one of the only horror-based titles to show at last year’s festival that we have not gotten any updates for. So, hopefully, this year, we will finally get to crack this game open and run around in a new world from John Carpenter’s mind.

Summer Game Fest returns to the YouTube Theater in Hollywood Park on June 7th, with ticketing opening up via Ticketmaster on May 7, 2024, at 9 AM PST.



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