“A stranger giving you something in the woods is sketch”: The #1 Documentary On HBO Max Is Disturbing Viewers

The #1 documentary on (HBO) Max turned out to be everything but what viewers expected it to be. Most subscribers hit play on They Called Him Mostly Harmless expecting the standard true crime fare. However, the internet quickly discovered that the victim was actually the villain in this story. If you have not had a chance to watch this shocking tale on the streamer, check out the synopsis and trailer below. 

Per the synopsis, 

“When an unidentified hiker is found deceased in the Florida wilderness, authorities release a sketch. Multiple hikers call in claiming to have met the man. There’s only one problem – he never told them his name. It would take two years, thousands of devoted internet sleuths, and a miracle of science to identify him, and that’s when the trouble really starts. A character-centric reimagining of a classic true crime genre, They Called Him Mostly Harmless is about finding yourself when you’re looking for someone else.”

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The internet is enthralled by this wild story. However, people also cannot help pointing out the resources that went into finding the identity of a man who turned out to be an abuser. Especially, because those same efforts are never given to missing POC cases. 

See what Twitter is saying

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They Called Him Mostly Harmless is directed by Emmy winner Patricia E. Gillespie (The Fire That Took Her). Gillespie shared what attracted her to this bizarre story and what she hopes audiences will take away from the film. She explained:

“I was drawn to this story because of its potential to help us think more deeply about what it means to live in the digital age. I hope we’ve made a film that manages to both honor the citizen detectives who worked tirelessly to identify Mostly Harmless while encouraging audiences to get involved in the issue of unidentified persons.” – via Warner Bros Discovery 

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