Pizza Hut Clerk Kills Coworker, Abandons Body In Trash Can Behind Restaurant [Horror IRL]

Pizza Hut murder suspect
Image Courtesy of WSIN ABC News

A Pizza Hut employee in South Milwaukee has been arrested following a murder that police believe may be tied to a $7,000 inheritance check.

Kavonn Ingram stands accused of killing Alex Stengel. Both men were employees of a South Milwaukee Pizza Hut. Milwaukie Journal Sentinel reports that authorities were called to the location February 7th regarding the discovery of a body in a trash can outside the restaurant.

First responders noted that Stengel had been both shot and stabbed. His wallet, phone, and keys were nowhere to be found. Police noticed a trail of blood that led from the dumpster to a back entrance of the restaurant.

Based on the evidence, law enforcement has concluded that Ingram likely killed Stengel inside the Pizza Hut, wrapped him in a garbage bag, and placed his remains in a rolling trash bin that he wheeled out to the dumpster area where Stengel’s body was discovered two days later.

Records indicate that Stengel clocked in for a shift at 9:30 A.M. on February 5th and opened a register. Surveillance footage from a nearby Taco Bell restaurant shows a person struggling with a rolling trash can and moving the bin from the restaurant toward the outdoor dumpster at 10:25 A.M. 3 minutes later, a series of messages were sent from Stengel’s phone to the manager of the Pizza Hut location where both men were employed. The messages were followed by a phone call that the manager noted was ‘muffled’. The Pizza Hut payroll system shows that Stengel was clocked off by 10:50 A.M. At 11:07 A.M. a final message, saying Stengel wasn’t feeling well and had clocked out, was sent to the store manager.

Authorities believe Ingram was behind the messages and also responsible for clocking Stengel out of the system to cover his tracks. It appears the motive may have been an inheritance check that Stengel cashed on February 3rd before reporting to work. A regional manager for Pizza Hut told authorities Stengel was seen flashing a roll of cash to coworkers, including Ingram.

Ingram was arrested on February 11th and faces a variety of charges, including first-degree intentional homicide as a party to a crime with the use of a dangerous weapon, armed robbery as a party to a crime, hiding a corpse as a party to a crime, and possession of a firearm by a felon.

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