Tails: The Backbone Preludes Launching Next Month

Dystopian post-noir Vancouver is about to get a little bit fuzzier. Tails: The Backbone Preludes is coming to Steam on February 2. It will tell the intertwined stories of four characters from the Backbone universe. Wishlist it on Steam and browse the trailer posted to YouTube on the Raw Fury channel. Dread XP’s notorious local celebrity Sam reviewed the original back in 2021.

Howard, Renee, and Clarissa return from the original game, and you can now explore some formative moments in their lives. Eli, a scientist, is the new playable character whose discovery will change the world. Whether it’s actualization or destruction, you can choose the path they each ultimately take. The new branching path tree interface will allow you to track your choices and their effects as they ripple throughout the universe. It also adds some more replayability to the game, and you can play it in tandem with Backbone in any order. Last, but not least, the doom jazz soundtrack by Danshin returns with new melodic bops in full swing. The beautiful backgrounds and setpieces established in the first game return, retaining the gloomy and depressing atmosphere tinged with a little bit of hope, growth, and change.

Tails: The Backbone Preludes Howard College
Howard, the charmingly disastrous main protagonist in the first game, reappears and seems to be on his way to college.

Eggnut, established 2017, has humble goals: make art, make rent, and help other people do the same. The fully remote team has creators around the world, including Canada, Georgia, Russia, the United States, Finland, and the Czech Republic. Together, their mission is to explore the human condition through interactive experiences such as Backbone and Tails: The Backbone Preludes.

Publisher Raw Fury is a boutique indie publisher. Jonas Antonsson founded the studio in 2015 alongside Gordon Van Dyke and David Martinez. The mechanics and genres don’t matter to Raw Fury, only the experiences and emotions they invoke. To them, what matters is helping developers make magic with their ideas.



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